Salgar Canning Industry,
Jams, fruit-based semi-finished products and confectionery semi-finished products intended for professional use.

Salgar, Canning industry since 1968, produces and markets jams, fruit-based semi-finished products and confectionery semi-finished products for professional use.

The great experience acquired over the years combined with production techniques that have always been voted for quality and combined with professionalism and assiduous analytical control of the product, have allowed us to establish ourselves with seriousness on the market.

Our internal laboratory is equipped for the control and selection of raw materials, the analysis of finished products, the implementation of the guarantee plan according to the HACCP method and the issue of technical documents.

Always looking for improvements for our products and for our service, we can believe that the speed in order processing and the quality / price ratio are the main reasons why our customers are satisfied and have been collaborating with us for several years in this innovation project.

We study specific products that are requested of us and develop customized recipes for every need in compliance with all hygiene and legal regulations.


We are in Palazzo Pignano in the province of Cremona very close to the cities of Milan, Brescia, Bergamo and Lodi and we carry out deliveries for Northern Italy, including the Marches and Tuscany, with our vehicles.
For Central-Southern Italy and abroad we use couriers.



Via per Trescore Cremasco, 28
26020 Palazzo Pignano (CR)
Tel. 0373 982417 - Fax 0373 982462



P. IVA: 00415290196