Jams and pass from filling
(croissant) doors and post oven

Product obtained by cooking, concentration and subsequent gelmentation of a mixture consisting of puree / fruit pulp (40-50%), glucose syrup, sugar, gelling and possible preservatives and aromas.

Semi-finished product to be used in the filling before or after cooking in the oven of various types of confectionery semi-finished products (Croissant, Krapfen, etc.).

2 product types are available:
- Fluid and homogeneous for post-oven filling by syringing machines equipped with needles with small holes.
- Compact and rich fruit for use doors-oven with mechanical dosers and able to withstand mechanical stress.

Fruits assortment
• Apricot • Cherry • Strawberry • Fig • Berries • Apple • Quince apple • Blueberries • Red mixed (red fruit mix)
• Mora • Plum (plum)

Available formats
13 and 25 kg food plastic bucket sealed with warranty seal lid
AISI stainless steel bathtub for food use from 900/1,000 kg / ca



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