Jams and multi-purpose passes
(tarts and fillings)

Product obtained by cooking, concentration and subsequent gelmentation of a mixture made up of fruit / fruit pulp (35%), glucose syrup, sugar, gelling and possible preservatives and aromas.

Semi-finished product suitable for various types of uses thanks to the soft and spreadable structure.
For professional uses we recommend the use on the tarts before or after cooking in the oven and filling / filling with confectionery products. Indicated for both laboratories and confectionery industries.

Fruits assortment
• Apricot
• Cherry
• Strawberry
• Berries
• Raspberry
• Apple
• Blueberries
• Red mixed (red fruit mix)
• Blue raspberry
• Pear
• Fishing
• Plum (plum)
• Panel stage

Available formats
13 and 25 kg food plastic bucket sealed with warranty seal lid
AISI stainless steel bathtub for food use from 900/1,000 kg / ca



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